Remove useless code

The event handler is meant to ignore the current container, no need to pause it!

Cleaning around the topology

- Use ConcurrentMap API

- Merge methods that implement parts of the same functionality

- Factor common utility code

Simplify TopologyService locking

Remove useless duplicate lock for modifying the topology

The key is meant to be the same as the domain name
Missing mock
Do not share the lock between all the topologies
Stay connected for less time

And simplify code too

The previously introduced JMX Proxy is already in Java library!
Remove mx4j dependency

It is not needed for what we do with JMX and the default implementation works perfectly well.

LDAP in progress (#LEMONLDAP-595)
PETALSESBCONT-413: set the correct hostname for the JMX server stub
Add changelog for 1.9.2
LDAP in progress (#LEMONLDAP-595)
PETALSDISTRIB-182: Bump petals-maven-plugin ton 3.0.0
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    • +1
MAVPETALSPLUG-30: Use the latest maven 2 dependencies


- Use annotations instead of doclet for goal definitions

- Also generate an help goal

MAVPETALSPLUG-29: Remove administration goals from maven plugin

Bump to version 3.0.0

Explicit some dependencies

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  1. … 10 more files in changeset.
Changed REST interface and adapted persistence layer to collect choreography events

  1. … 56 more files in changeset.
LDAP in progress (#LEMONLDAP-595)
PETALSBCFTRANS-56: The MONIT trace 'provideExtFlowStepFailure' is missing
Fix some issues detected by SonarQube
PETALSBCFTRANS-55: The MONIT trace 'provideExtFlowStepFailure' is missing
PETALSBCFTRANS-54: Uncomplete value for attribute 'destDirName' of MONIT trace 'provideExtFlowStepBegin'
Add capability to retrieve attachment from message
javax.activation:activation is now a used dependency
Add capability to add attachment on message
- PETALSBCFTRANS-52: The MONIT trace 'provideExtFlowStepEnd' or 'provideExtFlowStepFailure' is missing

- PETALSBCFTRANS-53: Uncomplete value for attribute 'destDirName' of MONIT trace 'provideExtFlowStepBegin'

- BC FileTransfer: Fix a regression introduced by svn#39370

- checkMessageLib: Improve logging on error

- Integ test BC Filetransfer: Improve logging on error of SU POJO