[CRV-221] Write a method to Validate Event-based Gateway participant rules

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[CRV-210] Write a method to Validate Exclusive Gateway participant rules

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[CRV-232] Test Case "test_04" error correction

changed dependency of dpws lib from jar to pom in playgrounds

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code refactored

refactored code

fixed error when doesn't exists a trip between a couple of poi

Enabled feed to update idm on each application change

Added missing dependencies

Fixed chorspec config key

Added SSL configuration

Fixed IP allocation race condition bug

synthesis processor URIs showed in the Synthesis Wizard

createservice-serviceinventory - read the security model in order to detect the Authentication Type

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wsdl, all in one webservice

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changed file.separator in wargenerator and added dpws mvn link

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wizard refactored

[CRV-231] #resolve

Upgrade trunk from 1.9 (#LEMONLDAP-1096)
[CRV-228] Added console support for start, stop, freeze and unfreeze of a choreography

Removed unused imporRemoved unused importt

Fixed maven dependencies versions

Added feed to periodically check whether deployed chorspec has changed

xslt transformation now creates a different entities layout

Moved chorspec/brooklyn methods into a dedicated class

Choreographies are now based on Brooklyn children nodes

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Package names reorganization and code cleanup

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Missing dependency

Clean debian/control
Adding skeleton for Enactment Engine extension

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