Add slave auth (#LEMONLDAP-595)
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Import all HTTP headers (#LEMONLDAP-595)
Remove old tests (#LEMONLDAP-595)
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Adjustments on client console

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Add libfcgi-procmanager-perl dependency (Closes: #LEMONLDAP-1026)
handler to validate BPMN choreography diagram added

add project peroperty and workspace preference to store rest urls and refactoring apache syncope interaction

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PETALSDISTRIB-252: Upgrade Petals ESB CLI to the version 2.3.1
MAVPETALSPLUG-31: deprecate the maven archetype
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PETALSESBCONT-416: do not validate/persiste topology if not needed
Use locks to ensure there is no concurrent add/remove of endpoints

In particular, because we rely on previous values when removing endpoints

during a topology move, it is important that an endpoint that were just removed

was not replaced by another container of the left topology and that its description

that we retrieve is not the new one.

Rename the server configuration for topology locks

This setting will apply to all locks used to manipulate the topology

Move ContainerConfiguration from client-server-api to microkernel-api

ContainerConfiguration store local configuration information, but not anything

that is meant to be accessed remotely through client server api!

The size of this commit illustrates how problematic it was to have this class

in this module: it impacts almost half of our code base when we want to add some server configuration!

So I moved it to microkernel were it is meant to be so that future modification

of it won't impact all of our artifacts (such as JMX or CLI).

Unfortunately, this commit does, but there is coming changes that would

have had the same result.

Also moved corresponding configuration constants to microkernel API

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Adapt Makefile to new portal (#LEMONLDAP-595)
Delete transformed files (#LEMONLDAP-595)
Added services detail view

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Working on Facebook (#LEMONLDAP-595)

Seems to work but not fully tested

Display errors in HTML (#LEMONLDAP-595)
Working on Facebook (#LEMONLDAP-595)
Working on Facebook (#LEMONLDAP-595)
Portal depends on handler now (#LEMONLDAP-595)
Exclude org.apache.ftpserver:ftplet-api from org.apache.ftpserver:ftpserver-core to avoid class duplications
Use the version of petals-cdk-junit defined in parent POM tree
PETALSESBCLI-153: Too many artifacts in the Debian package of extension 'BC SFTP'
PETALSESBCONT-416: properly reactive endpoint on recovery

Improve SharedArea role in endpoint reactivation during recovery:

- When joining a topology (before recovery), endpoints of the current container

in the joined topology are marked as being in restoration

- recovery is executed and endpoints that are in restoration can be overwrote without problem

- after that endpoints in restoration that weren't reactivated are removed (and warning are logged)

This mechanism is merged with the mechanism used when attaching to or detaching from a topology.

There shouldn't be any endpoints already there, but in case there is, the same process is applied.

If some endpoints that are moved from the previous topology are already present in the joined one,

then warnings are logged (maybe this should be improved, but it is better than before at least).

There is no need for the hack detecting during activation if we are in recovery with overwriting endpoints.

-> the only endpoints overwrote are those of the same container and that are in restoration.

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Remove useless method
Do not log thrown exceptions

And also log the right exception when stopping fails

PETALSESBCLI-152: Too many artifacts in the Debian package of extension 'BC Gateway'

More simplification of SQL BC code

Also add some logs