quote meta characters in extract_lang method (#LEMONLDAP-841)
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deployAtEnd does not work well
Revert "WIP: uses w3c-schemas"

This reverts r37624, I wasn't planning to commit it yet

Various fixes from Sonar

Some bugs were fixed and there is cosmetics stuffs.

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WIP: uses w3c-schemas
Some cleaning
Reverted r37612

the mar file does have rampart-core as a dependency.

MAVPETALSPLUG-25: Add an attachJar property

And remove the use of build-helper-maven-plugin in our codebase to do the same.

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EASYWSDL-13: Remove useless duplicate ignore
EASYWSDL-13: Remove duplicate files and code

Bug in maven-jaxb2-plugin is fixed since 0.13.0.

Remove useless duplicate ignore


Upgrade jaxb plugin version and fixes regexp
Fixes dependency convergence
Simplified pom
Updated axis2 file in BC SOAP

- Removed useless dependencies (they were needed because the tests were loading the wrong config file)

Forgot to change the path
PETALSSEJSR-31: Upgrade Axis2 to 1.6.3

- Removed strange classloader hacks

- Activated dependency analysis in pom

- Updated the axis2 file from the latest version (Not sure there is not extra things that could be removed...)

Pass the configuration context when creating service

If not axis will load the default axis configuration from file...

Do not throw an Exception in finally: it takes the place of the previously thrown exception if there was one...
Actually use the provided axis file

Also remove unneeded transporters from the file then

Better file organisation for SOAP BC
Close resource
Cleaned unneeded maven dependencies
Better respect the JBI specs for send sync
Improve error messages
Simplified code
Regroup similar methods
Forgot another method
Prevent NPE when one of the argument is null