[CRV-199] Adding Class: Bpmn2ChoreographyValidatorResponse

Working on SAML (#LEMONLDAP-595)
[CRV-211] Build Failure for Unapproved License

[CRV-212] Removed start, stop and pause button on console pages

[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release petals-commons-deb-1.1.1
Apply bypass consent option to trunk (#LEMONLDAP-1089)
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remove gson usage

[CRV-17] Post chorSpec to /chors, be notified back after 3 secs by choremocks, create Choreography group in Syncope

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exposed from CDGenerator a method that generate the WSDL of CD

Add the security filter entry point

Add the security filter entry point

Could not work before


Adjusting the update method + adding license headers because the build was not succeeding otherwise

Adding checkstyle, json (de)serialization tests and LICENSE / NOTICE inclusion in the destination artifact

Working on SAML (#LEMONLDAP-595)
createservice-serviceinventory - security model for services poi and traffic information added

[CRV-158] Security Filters Wizard Page refactored

removed choreographyInstanceRequest into cdstapp

Merge branch 'Amber' of ssh://tuleap.ow2.org/chorevolution/enactment-engine into Amber

Added jax-rs to maven deps

Removed unused dependencies

added forced deletion of folder and removed the thrown of the exception

Moved postStart method to Choreography top level entity

Changed internal config key to store chorspec fragment

Added "update" method

Implentation of the Choreography top level entity