End trace of flow step are automatically checked on 'assertFlowStep'
End trace of flow step are automatically checked on 'assertFlowStep'
Oups forgot one file
Improve timeout handling in the Router

- Consider that the timeout deadline is always a Long (will fail if there is a bug)

- Make sure we don't wait undefinitly in case the deadline is attained

- Note: it could be why SOAP integration tests were failling... not sure!

Use latest version of ant
Forgot one
Some exception message were inverted
Make errors clearer

With the previous one, I thought that ant didn't recognize the attribute...

It was an error not to log on error

A MONIT failure should be logged also on error apparently!

Forgot to remove some try/catch
Forgot to remove some try/catch
PETALSCDK-14: Remove duplicate code in CDK

Final touch

Improved the interception/MONIT of send in AbstractListener:

- do not do anything specific in case of error

- only cover the simple cases (e.g., not the second fault of InOptOut)

Documentation for CDK Junit
Simplify code
Ensure that the answer contains the original flow attributes

The sender, a consumer, will maybe need them to log the end of an external consumes (for example)

Simplified the use of PetalsExecutionContext

Now there is:

- initFlowAttributes

- nextFlowStepId

- getFlowAttributes

- putFlowAttributes

Also, init and put remove the previous step id.

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Wait before checking conditions
Do not use deprecated method
Add useful debug information
Improve performance of debug traces computing the message only when the log level DEBUG is on
Use the resolved property map as its own lock
PETALSCDK-138: Content of the component property file should be reloadable (Improve management when no place holders is given
Prefer to use the InputStream to String converter coming from Apache Commons IO instead of our own converter
Removed deps to launcher from microkernel-api
Moved ServiceEndpoint stuffs where they really belong

- Removed them from the launcher and move the to microkernel api.

- Renamed some interfaces: It's better to give them another name than the interface they extends!

- Moved some interfaces in their correct packages too.

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Fixed doc
- PETALSCDK-138: Content of the component property file should be reloadable

- PETALSESBCLI-123: Create a new command to reload the property file of a JBI component

- PETALSBCSOAP-150: URL of an external web-service must be reloadable

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Cosmetics + 1 potential bug fixed in ProrityOrderer
  1. … 5 more files in changeset.
Improved timeout handling

Makes timeout handling general to the whole send.

Remove useless class members to manage timeout in special cases

Removed duplicated code in the Router

Regroup role/pattern checks in one place

Add more informations to error messages