Improve check of dependency usage against source code
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Add method to the Rule 'PetalsRegistryOverlayNode' to be able to start/stop' the Petals Registry Node during unit test execution
Add a unit test to petals-registry-cli about the expected commands
Fix a regression introduce with svn#36549: Endpoint can not be registered twice except when recovering the container on restart.
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Rework SystemRecoveryImpl extracting recovering tasks in their own Java classes
petals-registryoverlay-junit must be used with scope 'test'
PETALSDISTRIB-106: Add the Petals Registry CLI to the Petals ESB EE pack
Add packaging of Petals Registry CLI
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RegistryOverlayAPI.DEFAULT_MEMBER_PORT is deprecated and should be replaced by Constants.DEFAULT_PORT from petals-rehistryoverlay-cltsrv-api
Fix the dependency analyze according to MDEP-122
Add unit tests to petals-registry-cli
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- Remove remaining dependencies of Petals Admin API

- Introduce StringStreamShell to simplify unit tests

Define the version of jacoco-maven-plugin
The Petals Registry Overlay must contain only one map for all topology definitions
Introduce the project petals-registryoverlay-junit
Introduce the project petals-registryoverlay-junit
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Do not call data on undefined session object (#LEMONLDAP-762)
Since petals-registry-client-api was created, AuthenticationException must be deprecated because included into petals-registry-client-api. Moreover, this deprecation warning is a remember to use petals-registry-client-api into the registry client implementation of Petals ESB
HazelcastClientProxy has been moved with HZL 3.4
Introduce Petals Registry CLI
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Fix "Scalars leaked: 1" memory error. See LEMONLDAP-757

Improve unit tests of Petals CLI introducing petals-cli-base-junit
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A unit test to check AbstractPreferencesImpl.getPreferenceFile() when the variable is not set already exists: testGetPreferenceFile_ByDefault
Update version of maven-surefire-plugin and active unit test requiring an empty env variable (see SUREFIRE-963)
Update maven-surefire-plugin configuration to run unit tests written through Java file 'Abstract*Test'
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Introduce project 'petals-cli-base' as an abstract Petals CLI that will can be reused
Introduce project 'petals-cli-base' as an abstract Petals CLI that will can be reused
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Endpoint can not be registered twice
Move NameIDFormat in metadata to match saml-schema-metadata-2.0.xsd (#LEMONLDAP-758)
All topology information are cleaned from the registry when no more container of the topology is connected
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