Use remote_ip/client_ip depending on Apache 2 version (#LEMONLDAP-802)
Add a maven plugin to the CI profile to clean the local repository by removing old snapshots to save spaces
Add support for RS256/RS384/RS512 to sign ID Tokens (#LEMONLDAP-184)
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Display pretty JSON (#LEMONLDAP-184)
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Support for JWKS URI and signing public key (#LEMONLDAP-184)
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The dependency is not runtime and its version is already defined in parent
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Use SAML message creation time to set netBefore and notOnOrAfter (#LEMONLDAP-799)
Check prompt parameter when displaying consent (#LEMONLDAP-184)
PETALSCDK-125: sendAsync doesn't honour JBI timeout
PETALSANT-9: 'jbi-deploy-service-assembly' does not fail when an error occurs during the deployment (Fix the Petals Ant task)
Check id_token_hint request parameter for authenticated user (#LEMONLDAP-184)
Check max_age request parameter for authenticated user (#LEMONLDAP-184)
Check prompt request parameter for authenticated user (#LEMONLDAP-184)
Prompt parameter is a space delimited value (#LEMONLDAP-184)
Check hidden fields in issuerForUnAuthUser (#LEMONLDAP-184)
Manage login_hint request parameter (#LEMONLDAP-184)
Manage ui_locales request parameter (#LEMONLDAP-184)
Check display and prompt request parameters for unauthenticated user (#LEMONLDAP-184)
Manage consent refuse and server_error errors (#LEMONLDAP-184)
Get all OIDC parameters on authorization endpoint and check required ones (#LEMONLDAP-184)
Use redirection for errors on authorization endpoint (#LEMONLDAP-184)
Set subject_types_supported in configuration endpoint (#LEMONLDAP-184)
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Declare all configuration items listed in openidconnect-discovery.pdf (#LEMONLDAP-184)
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Update MANIFEST for MongoDB backend (references #LEMONLDAP-800)
Better dependency management for cdk components

- No more mandatory dependencies in the parent pom

- Removed unused dependencies

- Factorised version for the SE jsr181

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PETALSDISTRIB-117: Add Samples into the distribution package
  1. /petals/petals-samples/petals-samples-zip
  2. /petals/petals-samples/petals-samples-zip/src
Configuration endpoint (#LEMONLDAP-184)
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Generate at_hash at token endpoint (#LEMONLDAP-184)
- Specify explicit default classloader delegation in JBI schemas (parent-first as specs dictates).

- Use self-first for BPEL SE as it uses its own versions of saxon which is also present in the system classloader.

Add hybrid flow support (#LEMONLDAP-184)
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