Try to fix build #491 (#LEMONLDAP-183)
Check ID Token validity (#LEMONLDAP-183)
Check token response validity (references #LEMONLDAP-183)
Support client_secret_basic and client_secret_post for token endpoint authentication (references #LEMONLDAP-183)
Check error in authn response (#LEMONLDAP-183)
Manage exported vars per OP (#LEMONLDAP-183)
Change configuration format to allow to define several OP (#LEMONLDAP-183)
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    • +8
Use extractJWT method (#LEMONLDAP-183)
Verify JWT signature for RS256/RS384/RS512 alg (#LEMONLDAP-183)
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    • +9
Add support for HS368 and HS512 JWT signature alg (#LEMONLDAP-183)

Get OpenID configuration data from configuration URI (#LEMONLDAP-183)

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    • +18
Add some log to JWT signature verification (#LEMONLDAP-183)
Option to check JWT Signature (#LEMONLDAP-183)
Verify JWT signature for HS256 alg (#LEMONLDAP-183)
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    • +5
Put application boxes in a row (#LEMONLDAP-768)
Save/restore state in OpenID Connect RP (#LEMONLDAP-183)
Use eval to decode JSON content (#LEMONLDAP-183)
Create OpenIDConnect library (#LEMONLDAP-183)
First version of OpenIDConnect RP module (#LEMONLDAP-183)
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Rework of the framework to unit test CDK-based components (1 step, the next step will be to use it for all components
  1. /petals/components-sls/cdk/petals-cdk-junit
  2. … 47 more files in changeset.
Update changelog
- resolves bug "SOAP cannot be used with DBI backend", see #LEMONLDAP-761

Upgrade maven-surefire-plugin to 2.18 that has just been released
Use cp instead mv to keep configuration files (#LEMONLDAP-760)
Use specific Apache configuration files for Debian packaging (#LEMONLDAP-760)
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Manage vhost aliases in portal menu (#LEMONLDAP-755)
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    • +28
Update AUTHORS file
Improve check of dependency usage against source code
Improve check of dependency usage against source code
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    • +26
Add method to the Rule 'PetalsRegistryOverlayNode' to be able to start/stop' the Petals Registry Node during unit test execution
Add a unit test to petals-registry-cli about the expected commands