Verify Request JWT signature (#LEMONLDAP-184)
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Fixes a potential bug in Router for retry

When retrying a send with the router, the forked stream sources were cleaned before

the retry, so the whole purpose of forking the source to be able to restore them later

was lost. Normally this should fix it.

Also remove useless exception in a method.

Fixes a bug in stream forker
Up jacoco version and add default maven-failsafe-plugin configuration
Move sonar host url configuration
PETALSCDK-129: Move flow attributes responsibility to CDK

Flow attributes are now initialised in new messages in the CDK

PETALSESBCONT-330: Revert "Documented the MessageExchangeWrapper" and add documentation (r37114)
Revert commit r37152
Accept 'request' parameter in authorization requests (#LEMONLDAP-184)
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Move flow attributes initialisation in CDK
Cleaning in the CDK
Adapt to changes in Juliac
Remove useless property
Improve the forking of stream sources in the kernel

- Document and simplify the code

- Reuse existing code to support more than just StreamSource as streams

- Relies on correct abstractions (Sources and not InputStream)

Document the use of SourcesForkerUtils
It's completely useless to create a new InputStream just to close it... it's an ByteArrayInputStream!
Let's reuse code!
Let's not expose information that is meant to be encapsuled in these classes
Clean a bit CDK utils to manipulate Sources and messages contents.
Let's support forking SAXSource too
Parse UserInfo response as JWT (#LEMONLDAP-183)
Problem with import for javadoc
Let's be coherent and uniformise interfaces in cdk-junit
add method with timeout parameter for polling a request in cdk-junit
Let's not duplicate the work of the CDK

- We can check if a su is registered twice, but not if it is deployed twice to the component: the check is already done by the CDK.

Support autogenerate in cdk-junit (+improvements)

- The ServiceConfiguration's endpointName is modified after deployment with the autogenerated endpoint name.

- Use the available MockServiceEndpoint instead of using easymock in created messages

- Add toString to MockServiceEndpoint to ease debugging

Workaround to really disable jacoco for BPEL SE
Misconfigured the pom
Activate per-test coverage for Sonar and simplify dependency analyze for common runtime artefacts.
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