Add petals-clock-sample into the Maven reactor of Petals ESB components
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Merge the adaptation of petals-sample-clock to Petals ESB 4.2.2
Reintroduce petals-sample-clock
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Merge of PETALSDISTRIB-90: The Petals Sample Client is missing in the archive
PETALSESBCLI-102: Unable to deploy a component having no installer configuration MBean (Add a unit test when a parameter is set)
PETALSESBCLI-102: Unable to deploy a component having no installer configuration MBean
Fix bug: Password reset doesn't work with Apache::Session::MySQL::NoLock (references #LEMONLDAP-743)

(MySQL::NoLock should provide session exploration, but is detected as not able to.)

make tidy
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Show error from Common::Session module in logs (#LEMONLDAP-741)
Fix Session lock management (references #LEMONLDAP-742)

add a correct lock management for sessions: when a session is found in cache, do not make lock calls to final session backend (MySQL for example) fix LEMONLDAP-742

Check we are in upgrade process before using dpkg --compare-versions (#LEMONLDAP-739)
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Remove stats on local cache in 1.4 branch, already fixed in trunk (#LEMONLDAP-727)
fix /status page in branch 1.4 and trunk (references #LEMONLDAP-727)

Documentation update
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Keep default value in condition if no notOnOrAfter timeout configured (#LEMONLDAP-737)
Possibility to configure conditions notOnOrAfter (#LEMONLDAP-737)
Possibility to configure subjectConfirmation notOnOrAfter (#LEMONLDAP-737)
Possibility to configure sessionNotOnOrAfter (#LEMONLDAP-737)
Add portal and logout buttons in Manager menu (#LEMONLDAP-738)
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No default value for SMTPServer (#LEMONLDAP-736)
Manage SOAP session tie, and add cache management in Common SOAP session backend (#LEMONLDAP-732)
Possibility to update conf in LDAP backend (#LEMONLDAP-734)
Fix portalAntiFrame definition (#LEMONLDAP-730, #LEMONLDAP-731)
Compatibility of SSL modules with SOAP getCookies (#LEMONLDAP-719)
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Check Mouse object before using it in lazy attributes, workaround for #LEMONLDAP-723
- Add unit tests for InMemoryLogHandler

- Add InMemoryLogHandler.clear() to clear log records

Add unit test about deletion of processed files of services 'GET', 'GET' as attachment and 'MGET'
Add unit tests about FTP services