More m2e configuration and comments
Added inforcement of Java version used to run maven to 1.6, of Maven version inferior to 3.2 (because of a bug in maven spoon plugin) and cleaned checkstyle configuration
Remove old captcha dirs (#LEMONLDAP-780)
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Documentation update
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Fix call to language_code target
Improved m2e configuration to avoid running either of dependency analysis and checkstyle in Eclipse
Packaging for CentOS 7 (#LEMONLDAP-765)
revert r36614 for now: petals-jmx-api-* 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT has API changes that breaks compilation
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Fixes some dependencies w.r.t. the version used in other modules for proper convergence in petals-esb-enterprise-edition
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- PETALSDISTRIB-107: Upgrade the Sample Client to version 1.9.0

- PETALSDISTRIB-53: Upgrade Petals Ant Tasks to the version 2.4.1 (was missing in distrib)

Add active class to show current Manager page (#LEMONLDAP-776)
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cleaned and fixed pom.xml for maven archetypes and plugins
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Rework constructors of AsyncContext
Added m2e configuration for petals-cli-bc-sftp
Since java 1.5, there is no need to use rmic to generate stubs for classes that implement Remote or equivalent.
Various fixes for unused dependencies errors
Fixes for petals-se-bpel pom:

- revert jaxen convergence fix (fixed in easybpel)

- ignore juliac code generation in eclipse (it's not needed and creates problem sometimes)

Some fixes for petals-se-bpel:

- Fixed some convergence issue

- Ensure java target/source 1.6 are used in juliac

- Add m2e configuration

m2e configuration for maven-plugin-plugin
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Add m2e configuration for cxf-codegen-plugin
Add m2e configuration for maven-spoon-plugin (ignore) and add java compliance level to ensure java 6 is assumed
Various small changes:

- fix typo in petals-parent

- factor java source/target configuration

- ensure that analyze-only is run after test classes are compiled

- add m2e configuration for jacoco-maven-plugin

Added missing svn:ignore
Update copyright headers in the samples of petals-bc-jms (this is actually really needed just because Eclipse complains, headless maven build wouldn't)
Update copyright headers in the archetypes resources (this is actually really needed just because Eclipse complains, headless maven build wouldn't)
Use latest version of the parent pom of petals-jbi-ext and fixes copyright headers
Typo in the path to the parent pom
Autoselect OP if only one is configured (#LEMONLDAP-183)
Use password fields in Manager (#LEMONLDAP-777)
As the Jaxen cyclic dependency was fixed in BPEL model API, we can enable dependency convergence, and fix few mistakes