[CRV-12] Added Maven conf for publishing artifacts to OW2 Nexus

PETALSESBCONT-360: Error not clear on container attachment when the given passphrase is invalid
- PETALSESBCONT-366: The container configuration must be logged at level CONFIG instead of FINE

- PETALSESBCONT-365: The timeout used to stop the traffic at router level must be customizable

- PETALSESBCONT-364: "No endpoint(s) matching the target service" when attaching a container (The timeout pausing the router is now customizable)

PETALSESBCONT-364: "No endpoint(s) matching the target service" when attaching a container (Improve log traces and comments)
More about PETALSESBCONT-364

- Actually throw and handle InterruptedExceptions as needed

- Add documentation

- Fixes a broken import in petals-ws-api

This shouldn't have been committed
Let's be on the safe side
Commit for code review by vnoel about PETALSESBCONT-364
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Let's not rely on an approximate method
Rework lifecycle (components, SA, SU, SL) execution

- Better isolation in thread of lifecycle operations

- Logging, stopping, timeout, etc improved

- Using the JDK ExecutorService instead of homemade

- Extracted ServiceUnitLifeCycle implementation from API

- Made SA/SU lifecycle isolated too (like for component since it calls

component-specific code through the ServiceUnitManager)

- Cleaned some stuffs too

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SUs does not have to be stopped before the component is
PETALSESBCONT-362: A container moved from a topology to another is always known by the remaining containers of its initial topology
PETALSESBCONT-358: OOM in PermGen space when attaching or detaching a container to/from a topology (Remove endpoints activation/deactivation since PETALSESBCONT-359 is fixed)
PETALSESBCONT-361: Sometimes a NPE occurs at container start-up recovering components
Uniformise SU Manager APIs
Various sonar fixes
Various sonar fixes
PETALSESBCONT-358: Fixes stop/start of fractal JBIMessaging

Start and stop of fractal components can now be called sequentially as

much as wanted (before inconsistencies were created and messages in the

router where potentially lost).

This only covers JBIMessaging and its subcomponents, but not the rest of

the fractal architecture (which does not need any stop/start sequence


Added deps to clients classpath in case they receive their exceptions
[CRV-31] #resolve

[CRV-31] #resolve

PETALSESBCONT-358: Better handling of endpoints on container move

Better error handling

Only store endpoints that are not already stopped by the messaging

subsystem's stop.

PETALSESBCONT-358: Better handling of endpoints on container move

Simply remove the endpoints from the registry before moving a container

from from a domain to another one, and then readd them to the registry.

Do not mess with the fractal components of the components or SLs or SAs.

Completely forgot bat file

PETALSESBCONT-323: bootstrap launcher and better classloading

PETALSESBCONT-344: system extensions for logs


Also removed old meaningless options

Use latest dependencies part of distrib v5
Add debug traces about start/stop of the RouterService
PETALSESBCONT-357: Unable to detach a container previously attached without restarting it