Use new Session module in CAS Issuer (#LEMONLDAP-671)
JONAS-1041: ServletContainerInitializer registration through OSGi for Tomcat is broken

* Fix + tests

  1. /jonas/itests/applications/osgi/sci/api/src/main
  2. /jonas/itests/applications/osgi/sci/api/src/main/java
  3. /jonas/itests/applications/osgi/sci/war/src/main/java
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Use new Session module in Remote (#LEMONLDAP-671)
Use new Session module in AuthGoogle (#LEMONLDAP-671)
Fix comment of purgeLocalCache script (#LEMONLDAP-671)
Add method updateCache in Common::Session (#LEMONLDAP-671)
Use new session API in UpdateCookie Handler (#LEMONLDAP-671)
Use new session API in Handler/Main (#LEMONLDAP-671)
Use new session API in Handler AuthBasic (#LEMONLDAP-671)
Use new session API in Handler/CGI (#LEMONLDAP-671)
PETALSESBCLI-88: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when operand flag is misplaced
Improve the error message about missing options
PETALSESBCONT-276: Make the topology dynamic (The container moved in a target sub-domain restarts inside the target sub-domain)

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PETALSREGOVER-3: Create a Debian package to install Petals Registry Overlay
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Remove from Petals ESB µKernel the configuration parameter "petals.autoloader" that has been moved in the extension "Petals ESB Autoloader"
Remove duplicated accessors: setSSLxxx/setSslxxx and setTCPxxx/setTcpxxx
Fix previous commit svn#36064
Improve assertion usage: an assertion has not to check validity of method arguments
Add unit tests
Fix coding violations, thanks Sonar
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RDBI config storage database handle autocommit set to off

at writing a new config, to on else (#LEMONLDAP-698)

PETALSESBCONT-298: The delays of the topology pinger timer task should be customizable
Fix bugs around config storage lock (#LEMONLDAP-699)

PETALSESBCONT-292: 'SharedLibraryLifeCycle' should be referenced inside the 'ContainerService' instead of the 'AdminService' (Format string references missing argument, thanks Sonar)
Add unit tests about ContainerConfiguration.toMap(), ContainerConfiguration(Map), DomainConfiguration.toMap()
PETALSESBCONT-297: An error occurs if no url is provided starting manually a Petals ESB container (options '-h' and '-V' does not require an URL)
- PETALSESBCLI-85: Introduce the command 'move-container'

- PETALSESBCONT-276: Make the topology dynamic

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PETALSESBCONT-284: The Petals Registry Overlay should be embedded as a Petals ESB extension (Add a server property to configure the listening port)

Use new session module in sessions explorer (#LEMONLDAP-671)
Fix global tests in Manager (#LEMONLDAP-630)