Update documentation
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Fixes stupid tests
Removed non-API method from interface.
Wrong exception used
correcting typo for #LEMONLDAP-822 feature (checking pwdLastSet in AD is not sufficient)

Update extensions to SNAPSHOT versions
PETALSESBCONT-350: Make explicit the InstallationExtension mechanism

- Instead of an implicit declaration, now we use an explicit one through the ExtensionController and a specific interface.

- Revert part of r38528: Autoloader needs the fractal interface for this to work!


Forgot to increment microkernel-api there
- PETALSESBCLI-124: Unexpected new line printing version of Petals ESB CLI

- PETALSREGCLI-4: Unexpected new line printing version of Petals Registry CLI

- PETALSDISTRIB-173: Upgrade Petals ESB CLI to the version 2.2.1

- PETALSDISTRIB-174: Upgrade Petals Registry CLI to the version 1.0.1

Oups, forgot fractal files
Remove non-fractal interface from provides

These provides were not used

PETALSDISTRIB-172: Move Petals SE RMI to the community pack
- PETALSDISTRIB-165: Add Petals SL ActiveMQ 5.3.0

- PETALSDISTRIB-166: Add Petals SL EasyBeans 1.1.0

- PETALSDISTRIB-167: Add Petals SL JBoss 6.0.0-M2

- PETALSDISTRIB-168: Add Petals SL Jonas 5.1.1

- PETALSDISTRIB-169: Add Petals SL Joram 5.2.6

- PETALSDISTRIB-170: Add Petals SL Saxon B

- PETALSDISTRIB-171: Add Petals SL Saxon HE

PETALSSLJONAS-1: javax.transaction:jta:1.0.1B is authorized to be distributed inside a Petals SL
Upgrade parent to last SNAPSHOT
Use the whole name+version for SLs in the Repository

And remove useless utility

Do not use null as the parent of these dirs
PETALSESBCONT-90: separate system state and repository

Remove any dependencies to RepositoryService in SystemStateService

Upgrade parent against last SNAPSHOT
- PETALSDISTRIB-157: Create a 'Community Pack'

- PETALSDISTRIB-158: Add Petals BC EJB 1.4.0

- PETALSDISTRIB-159: Add Petals BC JMS 3.2.0

- PETALSDISTRIB-160: Add Petals BC Rest 1.0.0

- PETALSDISTRIB-161: Add Petals SE ASE 1.0.0

- PETALSDISTRIB-162: Add Petals SE Pojo 2.3.1

- PETALSDISTRIB-163: Add Petals SE RMI 1.6.1

- PETALSDISTRIB-164: Add Petals SE Talend 1.1.0

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  1. /petals/distrib/petals-community-pack/src
  2. /petals/distrib/petals-community-pack/src/main
Move AD specific code in AuthAD and check userAccountControl before displaying expiration warning (#LEMONLDAP-822)
Update changelog
Remove URL from system-state, clean deploy/install tasks

- Removed install-url from system state XSD

- RepositoryService is now responsible of providing with locations of artifacts

In the past SystemStateService handled this duplicated information for nothing.


- Deployement and Installation tasks were overusing URL for nothing

- Replaced when needed with File (avoid useless conversions and checks)

- Separated archive URL from archive File (after it has been put in install dir)

  1. … 30 more files in changeset.
Align microkernel's versions
Update documentation in trunk
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Forgot to add the cxf http extension

+ updated to cxf 3.1.3

PETALSESBCONT-153: Improves URLFactory

- Better detects directories

- Better error reporting

- Improved tests